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About Yong In Martial Arts

Welcome to Yong In Martial Arts, the leading provider of martial arts instruction for children, adults and families.

Our Philosophy

At Yong In Martial Arts, we strive to give our students the highest quality martial arts instruction possible.

We believe in empowering our students with valuable skills for daily life. Therefore, our training includes skills valuable in daily life: cooperation, respect, self-control, focus, and confidence. We know from experience that training in Tae Kwon Do helps students in their personal and professional life. The positive character traits that develop will help them at work and school, at home and on the playing field.

We also believe that contributing to our community is a natural extension of improving each student’s life. Happier, more confident students lead to happier families, which lead to more cohesive communities. Our schools continually seek out opportunities to contribute to our community, including self-defense seminars, charity fundraisers, and educational demonstrations.

Our Instructors

We know what a difference individual attention makes in the growth and development of our students. We always have numerous instructors on the floor, and we adjust the number of teachers as necessary to maintain a low student-teacher ratio. Our school is staffed by a team of black belts as well as a head master instructor who are Kukkiwon-certified master-level instructors

Our History

Master Kim began teaching in the United States from 2007. In 2010, Master Kim opened "Yong In Martial Arts" in Holly Springs, NC.  We are continually striving to bring the best in martial arts instruction to the entire community and we are committed to providing the best experience for our students and families.

Come See for Yourself!

It’s always a good idea to personally visit the schools you are considering. Meeting the instructors and seeing the facilities up close will give you a better feel for the type of experience you can expect to receive in the future.

We invite you to come see what a difference Yong In Martial Arts classes can make for you!

In Their Own Words...

Here's what our families are saying about their experience

"Best place ever!!!! My daughter has learned so many fundamentals for success in life. Respect for self/others, discipline, self control and many more things! Master Kim teaches these principles and practices with live and respect for all his students no matter where they are in the program! Beginning stages or black belts he is fair and for that I appreciate him! I love Yong In! My daughter has been elsewhere but none compare to this place! Thanks Master Kim and staff!"

"I can see an improvement in my son's ability to focus since starting at Young In Martial Arts."

"Enrolling my child in Yong In is one of the best decisions we have ever made! Martial Arts teaches discipline, leadership, and respect, which has greatly increased my child's self-esteem. We get compliments from teachers, friends, family, and even waitresses on my child's manners and respect for others. Master Kim is family and community oriented and makes each class fun."

Try it out!!
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