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After School Program

Taekwondo After School Program is a fun filled, skill building for all kids.
No previous training required! Pick up at your school, Helping homework, Taekwondo class, and tons of activities

Description of the Four Life Skills taught during the Yong In Martial Arts Program
The emphasis of this program is not only teaching the physical skills of Tae Kwon Do, but also educating students about several positive character traits that will enable them to achieve greater success in every area of their life. We refer to the specific life skills that we will be teaching as the “four life skills.”

Students learn to concentrate with their eyes, mind, and body. Greater focus will enable students to pay better attention in school and at home. It can also lead to better grades.

We teach students “together everyone achieves more.” We will discuss the importance of teamwork and the various “teams” that a child belongs to, including those at home, school and sports.

It is extremely important to our staff that every child understands that the physical skills taught in Tae Kwon Do are not to be used aggressively or for bullying. We will stress the importance of avoiding trouble situations and walking away from confrontation.

The practice of martial arts is based on a foundation of respect for self and others. We will encourage students to notice the good in themselves promoting self-esteem. We will also teach courteous behaviors and the importance of treating others, as you would like to be treated.

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